Modern technologies of infertility treatment


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    Cooperation with the Dispute Resolution Foundation and the „Pactum” Association

About us

“Otwarte Drzwi” Foundation was established to achieve the goals of health protection, in particular in the field of civilization diseases of the 21st century, including counteracting the risks of oncological diseases, mental health, stress and diseases related to non-compliance with psychosomatic hygiene, and also problems related to procreation.

Under the Foundation’s wings are developed  projects that fit in with the goals of its activities:

  • Procreation – modern technologies of infertility treatment
  • Building social awareness in the field of insulin resistance

Additional areas in which the Foundation operates are:

  • Legal support and assistance – in cooperation with the “Fundacja Rozwiązywania Sporów” and the “Pactum” Association
  • Educational and promotional activities in the form of training, conferences and lectures

The goals of the Foundation and the plan of their implementation turned out to be so important that more and more people from all over Poland, who are specialists in fields directly and indirectly related to the Foundation’s activities, are constantly involved in its activities, as a result, the quality of services and proposed solutions is constantly increasing, and the region the action is widening.

Modern technologies of infertility treatment

The innovative, proprietary program that has been developed for the Foundation offers comprehensive support for the entire family, not just an individual. We believe that prevention and treatment should include people in their natural environment, which is the family. The way of life, working conditions, diet, habits, relationships between individual family members affect health. Trusting the doctor and understanding the therapy, rules of conduct, and lifestyle modification are very important in the treatment of both acute and chronic diseases.

Pulawy branch

The development of the Foundation is a synergy of social demand for the value offered by the Organization and the willingness to involve other specialists in the field of health, as well as people indirectly related to this area in the process of implementing the Foundation’s goals. In August 2022, a branch of the Foundation was established in Puławy, which activities are focused on the metabolic disorder of insulin resistance. The activity of the Team from Puławy meets the needs of a group of people struggling with such a metabolic disorder by creating our program and a dedicated tool which main goal is to build social awareness in the field of insulin resistance. The program covers such issues as:
  • Insulin resistance – a disease entity or a novelty?
  • Insulin resistance – mechanism and diagnostics
  • Insulin resistance and quality of life
  • What if we don’t take care of prophylaxis?
  • Diet therapy – a milestone in the treatment of a metabolic disorder

Legal services

Cooperation with “Fundacja Rozwiązywania Sporów” and associoation “Pactum”.